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Pakistan not to attend Bonn conference on Afghanistan

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Pakistan Tuesday announced that it would not attend Bonn Conference on Afghanistan as protest against a recent NATO air strike that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers. The Conference is scheduled to be held on Dec. 5 to discuss the post withdrawal Afghanistan and possibility of talks with Taliban. Pakistan had earlier decided to send its Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar to the conference which will be attended by representatives from nearly 100 countries and international organizations. "Pakistan looks forward to the success of this Conference but in view of the developments and prevailing circumstances has decided not to participate in the Conference," a Pakistani government statement said.




Last Updated on Tuesday, 06 December 2011 03:12

45 tons of highly radioactive water leaked

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Some 45 tons of highly radioactive water leaked Sunday from desalination equipment used to decontaminate the radioactive water in Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant and it is unclear if any made it to the sea, a Tepco official said Monday.The water is believed to have high concentrations of strontium, which can cause bone cancer if ingested. The decontamination system Tepco is using to stablize the crippled reactors mainly removes cesium, but does little to mitigate strontium.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 06 December 2011 02:50

Karu to contest with Ranil

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The internal crisis in the UNP has re-surfaced again with the announcement by UNP’s Co-Deputy Leader Karu Jayasuriya today that he would contest for the post of party leader. Sajith Premadasa’s group made continuous public requests from Jayasuriya in the past few weeks to contest for the party leadership. UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has said that he too would contest for the party leadership. However, issuing a special media statement, Jayasuriya said that he could no longer remain silent given the extent of the downfall of the party and that he would come forward to take over the party leadership to get the party back on the right path.



Last Updated on Tuesday, 06 December 2011 23:08

Hundreds arrested as thousands protest elections in Moscow

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Arrests as Russians rally against ‘election fraud’

The parliamentary election results have left opposition supporters in an angry mood. Moscow has seen crowds of up to 10,000 take to the streets; over 300 have been arrested, reports RIA Novosti news agency. Police have counted 2,000 demonstrators, but unofficial estimates say up to 10,000 people made their way to Chistye Prudy Park to attend a meeting staged by the opposition movement “Solidarnost” (Solidarity). "Shame!” chanted the crowd. The demonstrators claimed the United Russia party had rigged the voting results. Meanwhile, as the Central Election Commission has almost done its counting, United Russia is coming in with almost 50 per cent of the vote.  Police had already cordoned the area off for a meeting, which only 700 people had been authorized to join. As the stream of people increased, the designated area overflowed and the crowds spilled into a neighboring area. When they started to block the traffic, police began arresting protesters.


Don't let U.S. bully us over skewed Extradition Act: It's time for MPs to stand up for British justice

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MPs were last night urged to defy American ‘strong-arm’ tactics and demand a complete overhaul of the unjust Extradition Act.

The U.S. ambassador was accused of trying to railroad Britain into sticking with the Act – even though it is plainly skewed against the rights of British citizens such as Asperger’s sufferer Gary McKinnon.

Louis Susman’s unprecedented intervention came ahead of a crunch House of Commons vote on Monday in which MPs will be given a landmark opportunity to call for a change to the law.

He launched an extraordinary defence of the Act in the course of two visits to Westminster, attacking what he claimed were ‘myths and inaccuracies’ about the lopsided treaty.



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