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War on Venezuela: Washington’s False Accusations against the Chavez Government

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By Eva Gollinger - Correo del Orinoco International, December 27th 2011

Ever since the US-supported coup attempt against President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela failed in April 2002, Washington has been pursuing a variety of strategies to remove the overwhelmingly popular South American head of state from power. Multimillion-dollar funding to anti-Chavez groups in Venezuela through US government agencies, such as the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the US Agency for International Development (USAID), has increased exponentially over the past ten years, as has direct political support through advisors, strategists and consultants - all aiming to help an unpopular and outdated opposition rise to power.

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Strait of Hormuz standoff: Iran films US aircraft carrier

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Iran claimed to have taken surveillance footage of a US aircraft carrier near the Strait of Hormuz as both countries raised the stakes in their standoff over the key oil route.

Raf Sanchez

By , Washington





The commander of Iran's navy said the reconnaissance mission was proof that his fleet had "control over the moves by foreign forces" but it was unclear what intelligence could be derived from the grainy video, which was played triumphantly on state television.

Admiral Habibollah Sayyari's statement came as Iranian ships, helicopters and submarines continued a 10-day war game exercise designed to give credibility to the country's threat to close the Strait and choke off the world's oil supplies if the West moves ahead with sanctions.


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Hugo Chávez hints at US cancer plot

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Venezuelan president suggests spate of cancer among leftwing South American leaders may be inflicted by US technology

Tom Phillips, Thursday 29 December 2011 13.37 GMT Article history

He has called George W Bush the devil and described Barack Obama as a clown.

But Hugo Chávez's customary jabs at his neighbours to the north took an unusual turn this week, when the Venezuelan president suggested that Washington might be behind a wave of cancer among Latin American heads of state.

"Would it be so strange that they've invented the technology to spread cancer and we won't know about it for 50 years?" Chávez pondered, one day after Argentina's president Cristina Fernández de Kirchnerannounced she had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and would undergo surgery in January.


Turkish air strikes kill dozens of villagers near Iraq border

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Turkey's government forced to admit victims of bombing were not Kurdish separatist fighters

Peter Beaumont, Thursday 29 December 2011 18.42 GMT Article history

The donkeys had been sent across Turkey's south-eastern border withIraq to ferry vats of smuggled diesel and cigarettes. On Thursday when they came back it was with bodies wrapped in carpets lashed to their sides: the victims of a Turkish air raid that killed up to 35 villagers from this remote region.

In a major embarrassment for Turkey's government, it was forced on Thursday to admit that the dead, originally described by the Turkish army as Kurdish separatist fighters from the banned PKK, were civilians, misidentified by Turkish drones and then bombed on Wednesday evening as they travelled close to the Iraqi border.


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Wife appeals for Kugan’s release for Christmas .

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The wife of the missing Jaffna political activist Kugan Muruganandan has sought his release in view of Christmas.

The appeal by Muruganandan Chanda came at a media briefing today (Dec. 25) convened by relatives of Kuganand Lalith Kumar Weeraraju, who disappeared several days ago.

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