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Red Salute To Comrade K. Thangavadivel

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Comrade Kanapathy Thangavadivel was a member of Ceylon Communist Party ( Led by Com.Shanmugathasan) and a front line revolutionary political activist of several struggles against the caste oppression and inequalities among the tamil population. Under the guidance of Communist party, a rebellion movement was established to overthrow the rigid enforcement of this social ostracism for the sake of this inhuman caste system. In the North, especially among the population of Jaffna peninsula, cruel discrimination, inequalities and atrocities were committed against the people of low caste in this hierarchical caste system. The same people oppressed by this caste system were also working class people of the society. The movement "Mass organisation for abolition of untouchability" declared and conducted very strong, resistive and rebellion struggles to counteract the reactionary elements committed these atrocities and at places where those atrocities were intense and intolerable. In this long march people were organised in picketing, demonstration, awareness campaign, blockade of the activities of the core of anti social elements wanting to keep this injustice as a legacy and innate rights of the higher caste.

This long march detonated the root of the caste system and this social evil came to a state of suffocation but still not totally dead.

Comade Thangavadivel was one of the key activists, participated in this battle and confronted the anti social elements even when he was threatened to death in several occasions.

Throughout his life, he was an icon of a communist combatant for the formation of a justice society and for the rights of the working class.

His death was a great loss for the leftist movements in Sri Lanka in this very tough period we are living in now.

Red Salute To Comrade K. Thangavadivel

New Democratic People’s Front


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Call for common programme to win over land and housing rights of Hill-Country people

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Land and housing issues of entire population of Sri Lanka have yet to be solved and these issues will remain unsolved due to the existing social system. However land and housing issues of the plantation workers and their heirs have not been addressed even to meet preliminary needs. These problems are continued to be unsolved as it is specific, unique and different from others for historical, political, social and cultural reasons thus requires specific attention to be address.

In this backdrop, voices are being raised in general in political and trade union platforms for the rights of land and housing of Hill-Country people. This is a healthy move. However the expectation of Hill-Country people is that these movements should not be confined to mere verbatim attacks. Hill-Country people being a group belongs to plantation economy as well as a nationality, is facing many unique challenges. Among those, land and housing issues have become the major issues. The time has come for people’s interest centered political parties, trade unions, civil organizations, intellectuals and inpiduals to agree on common programme with common understanding and to work with unity to win over land and housing rights of Hill-Country people. Following framework has been drawn based on this need. This could be considered as the starting point of a discourse and towork based on common consensus.

Shift Sundaramoorthy, political prisoner to Tamil Nadu from Odisha jail!!

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As a policy many of the State governments in India continue to deny all fundamental rights provided by the Indian constitution for prisoners from political parties of the left. Case of Sundaramaoorthy, an alleged Maoist from Tamil Nadu dumped in Odisha’s Koraput jail is an addition to the long list of such silencing human rights workers. In the the late eighties and nineties, Sundaramoorthy was a noted youth organiser calling and agitating for holding investigations into raping of tribal women in Vachathi forest,  killing of many youths in encounters (after naming them as dangerous Naxalites) in Dharmapuri and Salem districts. He was said to be detained in a village near Periyakulam town in Theni district of Tamil Nadu in 2007.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 01 July 2014 13:20

Nepal Revolution: Path for the victory… Analysis Report

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Nepal Revolution, the 21st century rising star of the world working class, is facing set back because of the treachery of the perfidious party head. Constituent assembly has been dissolved. Red army was encircled by the Nepal army and dissolved hypocritically under the direction of Baburam and Prachanda clique.

Though, the group headed by comrade Kiran had been disappointed on perfidious clique’s activities, they had been sink into the so called party discipline and remained silent without fighting against it.They have started to fight against them now, when everything gone out of their hands which they expressed themselves as this action is a delayed one.

They pointed out Prchanda’s interview statement that ‘’since gap between the new democratic revolution and the socialist revolution is narrowed,without any doubt, there is no need of new democratic revolution for Nepal now. The major part is already accomplished and rest can be accomplished when the socialism become a primary agenda. He added that the major task for the party is to develop conducive environment and productive forces for the investing countries’’.

Last Updated on Thursday, 05 June 2014 12:43

Discussion Paper: LEFT FORUM (LANKA)

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Discussion paper dated 15th of February 2014 submitted by Ceylon Communist Unity Centre to the LEFT FORUM initiated by Frontline Socialist Party


A step forward to understand the present political situation

The concern of people of Ceylon now is towards the discourse of the political freedom from the totalitarianism of Mahinda Regime which is established on the absolute powers of an individual - the Executive President Mahinda Rajapakse and his nepotism on the one hand and from external threats on the other hand.

The vulnerability of the affairs connected to the issue concerned are very much deteriorated after the Military triumphalism of Mahinda Regime with the collaboration of the external forces over the LTTE, which claimed itself to be the sole representative of Tamils and functioned on behalf of the Tamil People, despite all its misguided tactics of struggles such as individual assassination and onslaught on ordinary people and stood with its armed resistance against the state until May 2009.

Upon the said triumphalism, the Mahinda Regime has not only abused the Legislature to  pass  the 18th amendment to the Constitution, other laws to dilute the powers vested on Provincial Councils by the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of 1978 and further Draconian Laws but also attacked the Judiciary-“ Judicial Activism” by impeaching Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake. These are some of the examples which are openly known to the Public.

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