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Interview with Basanta, Politburo Member, Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

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Q. You said there is class struggle in the making of the new constitution. Can you elaborate which classes are aligned in to Nepal to backwards from the marching forward and how it is reflected in the expression of the new constitution. How they are placed in different parties?  Which are the parties totally retrograde?

A. Constitution is a political document that guides the state power of the given country to drive forward. Like the state power, constitution is also relative to a certain class, oppressor or the oppressed. At one point of the people's war, the Constituent Assembly came into being as a political tactic to drive forward the unfinished task of new democratic revolution in Nepal. The classes, which were fighting militarily during people's war, are now clashing ideologically and politically in the Constituent Assembly. The front of class struggle has definitely changed but not the objective.

With the demolition of monarchy, feudalism has become weak in Nepal. The comprador bourgeois has acquired upper hand in the state power. However, the characteristic of the state power has not changed yet. The contradiction formed of the entire people of oppressed class, nation, region and sex on the one side and the comprador and bureaucratic bourgeoisie, which is leading the reactionary state power, on the other, is the principal contradiction. It is manifested now in the Constituent Assembly too. To write a constitution that paves the way forward to resolving the basic contradictions emerged out of semi-feudal and semi-colonial condition of Nepal and restructuring the state power accordingly is the task our party is trying to accomplish from the Constituent Assembly. However, two-line struggle seems to be sharp on the content of the constitution.

It is principally the class not a party, we are confronting with, in the Constituent Assembly. However, the ideological and political line of a party represents the interest of a certain class. In this sense, we have to struggle with the parties too. The Nepali Congress, a section of UML and some parties from Madhesh represent the interest of comprador and bureaucratic bourgeoisie and feudalism in Nepal. So we have sharp contention with them in the Constituent Assembly.

Last Updated on Friday, 16 December 2011 00:11

US to control Iraq oil always

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Despite the US’s declared withdrawal of its military personnel and contractors out of Iraq, Washington has prepared to control the country’s rich oil reserves in any case, shared Ranjit Singh Kalha, former India’s ambassador to Iraq in the 1990s.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 December 2011 11:26

Prachanda remains no longer Chairman of Nepal Maoist

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On ideological grounds, Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ remains no longer the Chairman of Unified Maoists’ Party, so said Party secretary C.P. Gajurel while addressing a press meet in Nawalpur of Sarlahi District, December 10, 2011. “Dahal has already abandoned the ideology charted by the peoples’ revolt. He adheres to the socialist ideology. How Dahal could continue claiming that he holds significant position in the party”, asked Gajurel and said, “He has no space in the party.” Chairman Dahal being taken to task by his own former NOIDA exposed hibernation colleagues.



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Justice not ensured for Northern people

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Justice and equality have not been ensured for the people of the North despite the war having ended several years ago, said the Movement for People’s Struggle. Speaking to the media in Jaffna yesterday (Dec. 10), MPS convener Chameera Koswatte said every segment of the society has now become victims of repression. Students, farmers, state and private sector workers, fishermen, labourers and others are all being repressed in a society devoid of any democracy, while the education, health and other basic services have collapsed, he charged.



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An organizer of the Movement for People’s Struggle, formed by JVP dissidents, and another individual are reportedly missing since yesterday. Their whereabouts are unknown since leaving to make arrangements for a press conference to be held in Jaffna today, National Organizer of the movement and DNA MP Ajith Kumara said. The organizer, Lalith Kumara Veeraraj, who had set out from Vavuniya yesterday in order to reserve a location for the press conference had arrived at the residence of Kugan Muruganandan in Awarangal, Jaffna. Both Veeraraj and Muruganandan had left the house on a motorbike at around 5pm, according to Muruganandan’s spouse. That was the last time they were seen, MP Ajith Kumara said adding that a complaint has been lodged with the Jaffna Police regarding the incident.


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