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'We were white vanned'

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Ms. Dimuthu Attygalle, who was released by her abductors yesterday, charged that government security authorities were involved in the abduction.

Ms. Attygalle who heads the international wing of the newly formed Frontline Socialist Party said armed abductors tried to extract information from her on the political activities of the new party. Dimuthu (42) who also heads the party's women's wing, said she did not sense anything dangerous when she alighted from the bus to go home in Godagama on Saturday evening. Walking up to the house, she noticed a white van parked at the confluence of four roads, close to her house. Being aware of 'white van abductions', she got alarmed. She turned back and tried to flee. Yet, there were some men behind and she became helpless. "I moved ahead come what may. Two muscular men came out of the van and bundled me into it. They held my mouth in a tight grip so that I cannot scream for help," Dimuthu told the media less than an hour after being released by her abductors.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 April 2012 21:05

Best Wishes of the New Democratic Party for the Frontline Socialistic Party.!

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Best Wishes of the New Democratic Party for the Frontline Socialistic Party.!

Revolutionary wishes for the Comrades.!


It is a historic achievement, establishing a political party in a chaotic period when Mahinda government has divided communities ethnically as well religiously while submerging itself in ambiguities of dictatorship.   

Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna is at present shamelessly bootlicking the ruling elites in order to satisfy its self cravings while turning its back to the working people who helped establish the very party. JVP also impedes rightful struggles of the working class too.

A group who had the valour to untangle them from such hypocrisies has today established the Frontline Socialist Party.

In a time when the ethnic issue has become the central crisis, the past that failed to uphold self assessment only helped to make the gulf between communities to become wider and deeper.

We wish success to the new party and wish it gets the strength and vigour to mobilize itself as a party of the people.


  • Let us initiate a revolutionary front.
  • Let us initiate a struggle  to win the rights of the people!
  • Let us fight against camps of tyranny and unite to defeat their despotic cravings.
  • Let us demand that justice is served for every crime unleashed against the people of Sri Lanka in the past.


New Democratic People Front


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Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 April 2012 21:02

Independence – Masses are being made Slaves And Celebration for Rulers

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Independence – Masses are being made Slaves And Celebration for Rulers

Dedicating oneself for the people and working towards it has more gravity than sacrificing one’s own life for freedom. Comprehending this and knowing for whom the Independent day celebrations are for is vital.

There is no independence for people unless people rule themselves. Masses are divided and manipulated in the name of ethnicity, caste, religion, colour or gender, in order to set them to fight with each other. Oppressors and exploiters can then easily take the powers in their hands and the rulers claim this as independence.

Protesters against abductions denied access to Jaffna

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Union of organizations against abductions and disappearance had organized an awareness program through the media of leaflets for 17th (today) in protest against the continuing abductions and disappearances.

They were stopped by the security forces at Puliyankulama this afternoon. The officers had told them that they could not be permitted to go to Jaffna and they could go to Mulative if necessary.

Tense situation erupted here between the organizers and the security forces officers and in the end they staged a huge protest there. Security forces continued to disrupt this protest against abductions and disappearances from this morning.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 17 January 2012 22:41

Wife appeals for Kugan’s release for Christmas .

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The wife of the missing Jaffna political activist Kugan Muruganandan has sought his release in view of Christmas.

The appeal by Muruganandan Chanda came at a media briefing today (Dec. 25) convened by relatives of Kuganand Lalith Kumar Weeraraju, who disappeared several days ago.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 December 2011 11:14

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