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During 80s being a member in a rebel organization has been a heroic act…

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I and the PLOT - 02

During 80s being a member in a rebel organization has been a heroic act…

My name is Seelan. I am Sri Lankan Tamil who is roaming Europe. I am lost. So is my national identity. I was born in Northern Province of Sri Lanka. My childhood? There is nothing worth recalling about that part of my life so let us keep it aside. Let us talk about my life as a freedom fighter or as a rebel. It depends on how one sees it.

Early 80s is a period no Tamil, especially the youngsters, could ever forget. It is the period we were really began to feel foreign in our own land. Not that we felt any better previously. During that period, joining some Tamil rebel organization was thrilling act for youngsters and it had been the most natural thing for a Tamil youth to do. Just about every Tamil boy or girl was allured by the possibility of having a separate state for us Tamils. From school going kids to university students started to join one of the many freedom fighters’ outfits during that time. I too joined the PLOT. Frankly, since I was very young at the time, I was not fully sold upon the notion of a separate state. But I had an urge to do some thing, anything.

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Chidambaram has no moral right to talk about ‘kidnaps’ by Maoists

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Press Release

May 11, 2012

Chidambaram has no moral right to talk about ‘kidnaps’ by Maoists

While incarcerating thousands of Adivasis and agitators in jails

On 9-05-2012 Home Minister P. Chidambaram while replying in Rajya Sabha said - Maoists ‘kidnapping’ young collectors, elected representatives and foreigners indicates a clear shift in the nature of the Maoist extremism and shows that Maoists are resorting to ‘terror’ tactics to bend the state government to their demands and that Maoists seek to stop development in those districts. He reiterated his government’s resolve to continue the anti-naxal operations by following a two-pronged strategy of development and security related strategies to face this challenge.

Last Updated on Thursday, 24 May 2012 21:32

I and the People's Liberation Organisation of Tamileelam (PLOT)

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In a time when the struggle for a separate Ealam State has been defeated, it is necessary to find out the real reasons why the effort failed. Comrade Seelan’s toil to unearth the truth armed with historic facts that are further sharpened by his own first hand experiences is a timely endeavor and a very useful one. The struggle ended a failure mainly because it was not upheld purely for the fulfillment of the need of the Tamil people. Instead, it was carried out to serve hidden agendas of the imperialists and it was conducted with the help of the imperialists. In essence it never was an honest struggle.

Last Updated on Sunday, 06 May 2012 01:20

‘The State has to own up to the killings in Green Hunt’

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GN Saibaba, Vice-President, Revolutionary Democratic Front Of India

Civil activists like Prashant Bhushan and Binayak Sen have put out an appeal for the release of Sukma Collector Alex Menon. Do you agree?
The collector of a district represents the government in a district. The government has to take responsibility for whatever atrocities and killings are happening in the name of Operation Green Hunt. It does not matter whether the collector is a good individual or not. Hundreds of people are being arrested and tortured. When there is no mechanism in place to look after their relief, the people are forced to this situation. This is the government’s creation. There is no point in saying that these things will not happen as if everything else is all right. This is a kind of war-situation where both the government and the CPI(Maoist) are locked in a battle of tactics and counter-tactics.

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Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF)


22-23 April 2012, Sundarayya Vignana Bhavan Hyderabad, Telangana


22 April 2012

The historic first conference of the Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) – a federation of revolutionary mass organisations working among different classes and sections of the society at the grass-roots level – went underway today on 22 April 2012 in the Sundarayya Vignana Bhavan in Hyderabad with the hoisting of the RDF flag by Goru Madhav Rao, the veteran fighter of the Srikakulam Armed peoples’ uprising and the founding president of All India Peoples’ Resistance Forum (AIPRF). The red flag was hoisted with slogans hailing the ongoing revolutionary movement and condemning the Indian state’s repressive class violence in the form of Operation Green Hunt and now Operation Haka and Operation Vijay. The martyr’s column was unveiled by Mallamma, the mother of the martyred revolutionary leader G. Shankar, also known as Sheshanna and Shamsher, state committee member of the North Telangana Special Zonal Committee (NTSZC) of the CPI(Maoist). Resistance songs were performed by members of Jharkhand Abhen, Praja Kala Mandali and Revolutionary Cultural Front.

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