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Red Salute To Comrade K. Thangavadivel

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Comrade Kanapathy Thangavadivel was a member of Ceylon Communist Party ( Led by Com.Shanmugathasan) and a front line revolutionary political activist of several struggles against the caste oppression and inequalities among the tamil population. Under the guidance of Communist party, a rebellion movement was established to overthrow the rigid enforcement of this social ostracism for the sake of this inhuman caste system. In the North, especially among the population of Jaffna peninsula, cruel discrimination, inequalities and atrocities were committed against the people of low caste in this hierarchical caste system. The same people oppressed by this caste system were also working class people of the society. The movement "Mass organisation for abolition of untouchability" declared and conducted very strong, resistive and rebellion struggles to counteract the reactionary elements committed these atrocities and at places where those atrocities were intense and intolerable. In this long march people were organised in picketing, demonstration, awareness campaign, blockade of the activities of the core of anti social elements wanting to keep this injustice as a legacy and innate rights of the higher caste.

This long march detonated the root of the caste system and this social evil came to a state of suffocation but still not totally dead.

Comade Thangavadivel was one of the key activists, participated in this battle and confronted the anti social elements even when he was threatened to death in several occasions.

Throughout his life, he was an icon of a communist combatant for the formation of a justice society and for the rights of the working class.

His death was a great loss for the leftist movements in Sri Lanka in this very tough period we are living in now.

Red Salute To Comrade K. Thangavadivel

New Democratic People’s Front


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