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Back NEWS Asia Shift Sundaramoorthy, political prisoner to Tamil Nadu from Odisha jail!!

Shift Sundaramoorthy, political prisoner to Tamil Nadu from Odisha jail!!

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As a policy many of the State governments in India continue to deny all fundamental rights provided by the Indian constitution for prisoners from political parties of the left. Case of Sundaramaoorthy, an alleged Maoist from Tamil Nadu dumped in Odisha’s Koraput jail is an addition to the long list of such silencing human rights workers. In the the late eighties and nineties, Sundaramoorthy was a noted youth organiser calling and agitating for holding investigations into raping of tribal women in Vachathi forest,  killing of many youths in encounters (after naming them as dangerous Naxalites) in Dharmapuri and Salem districts. He was said to be detained in a village near Periyakulam town in Theni district of Tamil Nadu in 2007.

Soon after his detention he was arraigned into a fifteen year old case under the notorious Terrorism and Disruptive Areas (Prevention) Act of an alleged bomb blast on railway track near his native place. As a mockery of all known criminal procedures, the TADA court in Chennai and its judge took just fifteen minutes to write and pronounce a judgement of over 150 pages. Needless to say a fifteen line confession by another accused was the main evidence to convict him with two life sentences. His case is on appeal with the Supreme Court since 2010.

When he was longing in the prisons of Madurai and Chennai, another case of looting arms in Koraput armoury was foisted on him and sent to Odisha- just to harass and silence him. Being dumped in an unknown place for over two years, he went on hunger strike several times. His petition requesting for a “trial” was considered by the High Court of Odisha in June 2013. The Koraput Additional Sessions Court was ordered to try and pronounce a judgement within six months before January 2014. The case was that he held a ‘fire arm’ that was supposed to have been looted from the Koraput armoury. The Sessions court tried him under Sections 147, 148, 302, 342, 396, 450, 527, 120(B), 109 and 149 of the Indian Penal code and Section 25(a) of the Arms Act. The Sessions court (as usual with least respect to the High court) took ten months to complete the trial even after specifically ordered to complete the trial. The court found no evidences with the Police and acquitted him of all charges in April 2014.

Sundaramoorthy was neither released nor transferred to his native state of Tamil Nadu even since then. It appears Police in Odisha and Tamil Nadu seemed not to pay any respect to all known laws and respect rights if they claim the detainee as Naxalite. His several requests to transfer him to prisons in Tamil Nadu where his family or friends could visit him were not considered by the court and the police.

Currently, he is on a hunger strike unto his death from 30th June 2014 either to release or shift him.

Release or Shift Sundaramoorthy at once!!

- R.Krishnan

Last Updated on Tuesday, 01 July 2014 13:20

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