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Back NEWS Asia Join together for the safeguarding the fundamental human rights of people of Lanka.

Join together for the safeguarding the fundamental human rights of people of Lanka.

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Since the independence in Lanka, the political parties and their leaders for their political existence, oppressed the fundamental rights of ordinary people’s freedom of expression. Race, Religion and ethnicity were used and still being used to instigate people against each other. In addition, oppressive laws are implemented to take away the people’s rights to mobilize and raise their voices against the atrocities of the plutocratic classes rules Lanka from time to time.

It can be many examples. Especially the legisaltion passed to grab the citizenship of people of upcountry, ethnic riots against the Tamil and the Muslim people systematically carried out. Call of the armed forces to crash down the labour strikes and demonstrations are few such examples to be mentioned here.

The decentralised political power in parliament were thrown. Instead a new system of executive presidency which gave tremendous power to a single candidate at the top adopted by J.R Jeyawadana. This system is an undemocratic tool in single person’s hand to suppress the people's basic rights further and to throw some democratic laws still safeguarded some rights to the people. Several such anti democratic and anti people laws were passed after the implementation of this executive presidency system.

Many thousands of government workers from all communities in the country fought an struggle by joining in a strike for their basic rights and for their salary increments in line with the increased cost of living. A severe action was taken against those who marched in this strike. Participants of the strike were discharged from their job and sent home.

Under the anti terrorism act passed by the Executive Presidency system, several thousands of Tamil youth were arrested and detained in prisons for years without any trial. The innocent civilians were killed and human rights were not a concern and it was trampled by governance of the executive presidency.

For the freedom of people, thousands of young boys and girls from Sinhala community joined in an armed struggle against the governments that one after the another showed no concerns about the basic rights of the people. Thousands of those young people were arrested, sexually tortured and murdered by the armed forces protecting these governments.

In 2009, a genocide was carried out in Vanni where tens of thousands of civilians were massacred by the Government and its armed forces using cluster bombs and poisonous chemical gases ignoring the international laws against those mass destructive weapons. People survived and managed to escape from this killing field were detained in camps with paling, tortured, sexually abused and raped in the name of interrogation without any respect to the fundamental human rights. Militants who were surrendered to the government armed forces with the hope of mercy were massacred. The government still continues torturing of many detainees. The Governments delays the release of the names of these detainees.

Governments reacted with a violence attack on the people and several people were gunned down recently in three incidents. The first occurred in a demonstration in which people working at free trade zone gathered against the cut in social benefits, The second occurred in a demonstration where the affected fishermen in Puttalam gathered against to unbearable increase of price of fuel and the last one occurred in a demonstration demanding clean unpolluted drinkable water, where people of Gambaha gathered against an Indian industrial firm producing pollution to the surroundings.

People actively participate in social issues through some form struggle against the system are arrested on false fapicated charges and put in trial with trumped up charges. Parents of students fighting for the preservation of free education and against all private universities allowed to be opened in the country are threatened at their homes, by the government.

Journalists raised theire voices against the dictatorial regime of Mahinda and family were abducted in a white van and after that made missing. Some have been assassinated. Some were beaten up with severe injuries and threaten to life and afterwards found thrown on the roads. Fanatical violence is continuously unleashed against the Muslim people and leftwing organisations by the Buddhist Sinhala extremist elements funded by the state and protected by the state security forces.

Comrade Lalit with a great deal of difficulties travelled to North from South and joined with Comrade kugan and both mobilised the relatives of missing after the vanni battle. These relatives were left without any hope to find their beloved ones. Comrade Lalit and Kugan pought these helpless people to Colombo and organised a struggle in order for their voices heard to the public. While Comrade Lalit and Kugan were organising a demonstration in Jaffna on the international human rights day, both were abducted by the security forces and their names are now in the very list of missing.

Neo-liberal economic policies have been actively implemented in Sri Lanka. Although this development was perceived by people erroneously as the economic growth in the country, the reality is that the national resources of our country are handed over to the imperialistic super powers. The direct consequence of this exploitation pings the people under severe hardship and struggle erupts. The Government has become a militarised fascist organisation. The military dominance is invading into the civil administration.

All available fascist methods are unleashed to suppress the people 's voice raised against injustice. Human rights and media freedoms are denied and supressed mercilessly.

Even if this government is thrown and a new government comes instead, there would not be any change. Here a ruling class has been firmly established. Armed security forces of fascistic nature are there always in alert to defend it. In the past it was there to protect the interests of colonialism. Today their duty is to protect the neo liberalism.

These governments will neither safeguard the people’s interest nor the fundamental human rights of people. Future will not ping any changes to these sort of ruling system.

If all kind of fundamental human rights of people including freedom of speech are to be safeguarded, people should unite and mobilise against these undemocratic and fascistic tendency.

Movement for equal rights calls all human rights activist, journalist of media and press, social activists and democrats to join together in our struggle for the safeguarding the fundamental human rights of people of Lanka.


1 . Release all political prisoners detained in prisons

2 . Remove the military regime in the north and east

3 . Release the abducted and the missing.

4. Release Lalit and Kugan abducted and made missing after abduction.

5 . Recognise the rights of civil society.

6 . Stop repression against students.

7 . Stop every violations of human rights.


Movement for Equal Rights (Lanka)


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