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Back NEWS Europe Unite against all forms of Racism and Religious fanaticisms.

Unite against all forms of Racism and Religious fanaticisms.

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Lanka has barely passed four years since ending the three decade long civil war. Actions after the recently concluded Cricket match between Lanka and England has clearly suggested that racist elements in both Sinhalese and Tamils communities have forgotten the brutality and unprecedented scale of the destruction suffered from the civil war. We need to defeat racism on both sides to avoid any long term catastrophe repeated in Lanka. ‘’Movement of Equal Rights - UK’’ request Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim people to unite against all forms of racism and religious fanaticisms.

Pro-nationalistic Propaganda launched by these racists trying to create a mindset among communities that Sinhalese people have won the civil war over Tamil people.  This racism has to be defeated before it will lead to another bloodbath. As a result of this propaganda we can see some sections of the both communities in Europe have fallen into the trap of racists by engage in activities which could harm peace and coexistence between communities. Anti Lanka propaganda carried out by the pro-LTTE groups and fronts have angered some Sinhalese as they mislead and taught to look at these propaganda in a racist angle. As the ‘’Movement of Equal Rights – UK’’ we request Sinhalese and Tamil speaking people to respect others human and democratic rights and to rally round our struggle to win equality for all people and to establish a just society.


We need to understand what freedom has achieved by the Tamil speaking people after the three decade civil war. Has so-called mega projects launched in Northern and Eastern provinces by the Lankan government really brought any meaningful life to its people? They are subjected to a military rule in these areas and are deprived of basic human rights and political freedom. Those prisoners who accepted government politics were to release and others have been continue to keep in custody could be signs of another major disaster.

Four years from the civil war we can see government sponsored extremist group such as ‘’Bodu Bala Sena’’ and ‘’Sinhala Ravaya’’ creating a racist and religious fanatic atmosphere in most of the major towns in Lanka. History is being repeated in front of our eyes again. The root cause of the ethnic problem is going back to the policies adopted by the capitalist parties created during the British time. Ethnicity, language and religion have always been used to win elections. Lanka as a nation paid an intolerable price in terms of both human and property destruction. Social set back suffered was incalculable and so far reaching.

We need to understand this situation we are in and need to take every measure to defeat Rajapakse sponsored racism and religion fanaticism and the racist elements in pro-LTTE Tamil groups and fronts which do not bring any positives to the society. We as ‘’The Movement for Equal Rights – UK’’ request all communities not to let racist to pass negative and post war predicaments over to the future generations of Lanka.

Movement for Equal Rights – UK

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