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LONDON May day march and rally

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Dear comrades,

The May day reflects working rights of proletarians in all corners of the world irrespective of national boundaries and narrow minded quarrels. we as members of Movement for Equal Rights would like to invite you all comradely to join this year's worker’s day.

Mahinda Rajapaksa regime uses the same strategy that used by J.R Jayawardena to suppress voices of the people against socio-political and economic problems in the country. The ignition of racism among communities is another tactic used by power greedy rulers to conceal the genuine crisis of the country. Although, government promised a spring for the people in north, those war stricken people have been dragged into much worse situation than ever. The people in the north have been confined to military dominance.


The government try to ignite racist elements towards Tamils and Muslims, Srilanka has become a lawless anarchic country in which, narrow minded racism is a powerful weapon for opportunistic, fake patriotic rulers. We must understand, the importance of bringing a protest at international level at a time when the country is economically inefficient and politically grabbed by an extended family.

Let's unite on this May day, to bring the politics onto one platform that has lined up nationally and internationally in favour of proletarians. That is the responsibility of a  socialist and a leftist at present day.

Any working rights enjoying by workers today, are the result of blood, sweat and tears shed by workers in the history. The workers in the history have compensated their lives for the rights of the proletarians. The history of the man is the history of struggles.

The workers in all corners of the world join hand on this historical day to show the strength of the proletarians worldwide. On first of May in 1886, in Chicago the worker’s demand for eight hour working day was suppressed by the iron fist of the rulers. They shed blood and sweat for their demands. They sacrificed their lives to win the rights of the workers. So, May Day signifies as the day of worker’s worldwide.

Therefore, dear comrades, we as Movement for Equal rights request you to be prepared to join us on May Day. We decided to send this letter early enough to get time off from your employer, if any need arise.


Thank you

Movement for Equal Rights


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