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Back NEWS Asia Violation and Abduction of Freedom and democracy in Sri Lanka

Violation and Abduction of Freedom and democracy in Sri Lanka

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Freedom and democracy to the people of Sri Lanka has been wiped out from the fundamental rights of people of Sri Lanka.  People are living in fear and horror. People are scared to discuss and express their views even to their fellow citizens.  The LTTE’s method of terrifying people during the past three decades has now been adopted by the rulers of the country.

Two prominent leaders of the Frontline socialist party have been abducted by the Sri Lankan government secret services and till now nobody knows their whereabouts.  Similar disappearances, abductions and executions are very common and thousands of such cases are reported.  Hundreds of such victims who had been abducted found executed lately and their bodies were left on the streets.

State of Sri Lanka are the perpetrators of these horrors.  Hence people of Sri Lanka cannot expect any justice or protection from their own state.

Tamils and anyone who are suspected to be the members of Tigers were the victims of this manner during three decades of the war. Now any citizen of Sri Lanka, regardless of their ethnicity lives under the same threats of being abducted and killed without any trace.

In 1986 Vijeetharan was abducted the same manner and disappeared without any trace. The LTTE denied their involvement and responsibility. The Government of Sri Lanka adopted the same method of elimination of their opponents.

In Sri Lanka, people have no atmosphere to enjoy the democratic rights and practice their freedom of speech and expression.  The Law and justice are absence to the people of Sri Lanka. Fighting for their rights is tantamount to deaths.  In other words the freedom and democracy has also been abducted and executed by the masters of ruling class.

Are we going to accept and tolerate these atrocities? No we are left with only a single option that we should rise against these atrocities. This is a long march.  Dream of emancipation within the mind of the people who lost their life in this struggle will lighten up our way to freedom.

We demand justice and order to the people we demand safeguarding the truth to the people.

We demand immediate release of the abducted people.

We demand an independent inquiry into the abductions and justice of the victims who had been abducted and killed.

We demand the reestablishment and implement of right law and order which protect the people of Sri Lanka and their democratic rights.

New Democratic People Front


Note: This leaflet has been distributed at a demonstration which is condemning  Frontline Socialist Party leading members adoption and kidnap by Sri Lankan Fascist Rajapaksa regime,  out side London Sri Lankan Embassy on 10/04/2012

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