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Back NEWS Africa Rwandan journalist Charles Ingabire killed in Uganda

Rwandan journalist Charles Ingabire killed in Uganda

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Mourners at the requiem of Ingabire. Most of them spent the 20 minutes it took to end the funeral hiding their faces.

Charles Ingabire was gunned down in a bar in Kampala on Wednesday, but details are only now emerging. He was editor of Inyenyeri News, an online publication critical of the government of Rwandan President Paul Kagame. Several critics of Mr Kagame have been attacked or killed in recent years. The government denies any responsibility.

Police say he had two bullet wounds and they are questioning a security guard and barmaid who worked at the bar. "They're helping with investigations," Ibn Senkumbi told news agency Reuters. Police say Mr Ingabire was drinking with an unidentified man at the bar near Makerere University when has killed.


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