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Monday, 28 April 2014
Socialist society for a socialist life PDF Print Write e-mail
Written by ndpfront
Monday, 28 April 2014 08:46

As another international workers day approaches, we from the Front Line Socialist Party came here to meet with you and initiate a very significant discussion.

Known to most of our countrymen as May Day, the international workers day is celepated in the capital Colombo with thundering processions marching through its streets and eventually ending up in passionate speeches delivered by our political leaders. Some processions even culminatein a musical show.

Daily papers, weekend papers… all dedicate a few of their pages to this May Day. More often than not, the worn out, sweat adorned face of a working class comrade in Pettah, is seen portrayed in these papers. But have you ever seen those comrades in any of these May Day processions?

If we ask you, what is the objective of celepating May Day in present-day Lanka, what would your answer be? Is it truly your day, the workers? Or has it been taken away from you by some other force? If it has been in fact taken away from you, then how exactly do you get it back? How do we remove May Day from its present state of being a mere annual celepation and give it a new meaning? How do we integrate May Day into the process of obtaining a real victory for the oppressed working class? These are the questions that we need to discuss and solve.

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