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Monday, 09 December 2013
Join together for the safeguarding the fundamental human rights of people of Lanka. PDF Print Write e-mail
Written by ndpfront
Monday, 09 December 2013 21:49

Since the independence in Lanka, the political parties and their leaders for their political existence, oppressed the fundamental rights of ordinary people’s freedom of expression. Race, Religion and ethnicity were used and still being used to instigate people against each other. In addition, oppressive laws are implemented to take away the people’s rights to mobilize and raise their voices against the atrocities of the plutocratic classes rules Lanka from time to time.

It can be many examples. Especially the legisaltion passed to grab the citizenship of people of upcountry, ethnic riots against the Tamil and the Muslim people systematically carried out. Call of the armed forces to crash down the labour strikes and demonstrations are few such examples to be mentioned here.

The decentralised political power in parliament were thrown. Instead a new system of executive presidency which gave tremendous power to a single candidate at the top adopted by J.R Jeyawadana. This system is an undemocratic tool in single person’s hand to suppress the people's basic rights further and to throw some democratic laws still safeguarded some rights to the people. Several such anti democratic and anti people laws were passed after the implementation of this executive presidency system.

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