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Wednesday, 11 April 2012
Socio-Political analysis of Lankan farmers PDF Print Write e-mail
Written by ndpfront
Wednesday, 11 April 2012 21:09

There is only one truthful principal in this world. It should be compiled from objective reality and it should be tested by objective reality. Other than this, no other principal is eligible to be considered as a viable principal by us. Stalin said that when a principal is not connected with practicality then it becomes void of an objective. An objective without an aim is a futile one; and it is a hoax and therefore, should be rejected. Those who are inclined on nurturing such pointless principals should be disdained instead of commended. Marxism and Leninism are good theories. They are scientific and are revolutionary. They are from objective reality and were test proven by same. Mao Tsetung stated in one of his treatises that those who study Marxism and Leninism assume it as a latent and dormant ideals and such persons become impediments to the proliferation of those ideals. Consequently, they harm themselves as well as others. Read more

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'We were white vanned' PDF Print Write e-mail
Written by ndpfront
Wednesday, 11 April 2012 20:55

Ms. Dimuthu Attygalle, who was released by her abductors yesterday, charged that government security authorities were involved in the abduction.

Ms. Attygalle who heads the international wing of the newly formed Frontline Socialist Party said armed abductors tried to extract information from her on the political activities of the new party. Dimuthu (42) who also heads the party's women's wing, said she did not sense anything dangerous when she alighted from the bus to go home in Godagama on Saturday evening. Walking up to the house, she noticed a white van parked at the confluence of four roads, close to her house. Being aware of 'white van abductions', she got alarmed. She turned back and tried to flee. Yet, there were some men behind and she became helpless. "I moved ahead come what may. Two muscular men came out of the van and bundled me into it. They held my mouth in a tight grip so that I cannot scream for help," Dimuthu told the media less than an hour after being released by her abductors.

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